Shadi Hoshyer

“Wearing the dresses made me feel so special and unique. Your fabrics and the cut to fit my body made me feel like the richest girl in the world…”

Lorna Fraser

“I lost a lot of body confidence after the birth of my first child and was seriously considering wearing a two piece suit! Sanaz is a brilliant designer who caters to all your needs – thank you.”  

Cristie Nowlan

“I just needed an occasion dress and the high street just wasn’t ticking all the boxes. One of my friends suggested Sanaz and I am so happy I made the choice to go with one of her designs…”


Sarah Stewart

“Sanaz is truly an inspiration and really brought me out of my shell through her designs. I never thought I would wear a red dress, but it happened and all the guests told me I looked beautiful!”

Elnaz Zomorod

“I wanted something traditional, Bahador designs took my culture and made it into a lovely dress for my engagement party. Thank you Sanaz…”