Your Wedding Website Checklist

I have organised many a wedding blog. Make sure you don’t forget these things.

Invitation Information


Although the majority of people will still want to go with the traditional wedding invitation route, including this information on your website can help those few friends and family members who will inevitably lose the invitation. More generally, it keeps all the essential details of your wedding publicly and easily accessible to everyone you’ve shared the site with. This way, everybody’s on the same page.

RSVP Option


One of the biggest benefits of the wedding website is allowing your guests to RSVP easily online instead of having to head out to the post box. Not only is this easier for your guests, but having everything come in online will also help you more quickly and easily tally up your guest list so you can finalize your seating plan.

About the Couple Section


This is practical because not everyone invited will know both the bride and groom equally well, or their love story, so this “About Us” section can help family and friends get to know the couple a little better and feel more included in the celebration of your love.

Gift Registry


Another of the other most important aspects of a wedding website is the online gift registry. This allows guests who might like to contribute to the occasion with a present to do so online in a more orderly way. Vitally, it makes sure that people are looking into what you have already on your registry and cuts out a lot of the hassle involved with gift shopping in general. Or if physical gifts are not desired for whatever reason, this can also be identified here.

Reception Program


This all depends on the couple, but often guest contributions need to be fielded through whichever close friend or family member is in charge of the program. You can include a section on the website that allows friends and families to submit their desired contributions through a contact section, which then goes directly to the groomsman or bridesmaid responsible for the program. From your aunt who wants to sing at the reception, to your younger cousin’s crazy skit, or your sister’s slide show, everything can be easily organized through this section and make the program planning a lot easier for whoever is taking on this responsibility


This is any additional information that guests should know about the wedding itself. For example, if it is going to be outdoors on the grass and perhaps high heeled shoes wouldn’t be the best idea, or if there is going to be a cash bar. In the logistics section you would also include all of the basic details, like time, location, driving directions, lists of hotels in the area, etc. This allows you to be able to give your guests a whole bunch of information, a lot of which wouldn’t be included on the paper invitation, and maybe avoid a whole lot of phone calls and headaches closer to your special day.

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