The Rehearsal Dinner: It is now a UK thing


It’s always been the tradition in the US, and now it is definitely becoming a more popular part of the wedding here in the UK. When I first heard about this, I did initally feel, ‘Oh no – but isn’t that just another expense? Does it really need to be done?’ And the answer is, no, of course not. It’s one of those optional extras. However the more I’ve read about it, the more I get it. The whole point of it is to gather the people who have been involved in the planning of the wedding so they can meet each other before the big day. And it gives the bride and groom an opportunity to show their appreciation for the things they have done – in an informal way. So this is normally restricted to the imediate family, the bestman and the bridesmaids and close friends.

It can be held up to a week before the wedding, but it usually takes place the evening before. I actually think it’s a lovely way to spend the night before the wedding. It can be as relaxed as you like, and doesn’t even have to be dinner – canapes and cocktails would be very nice too…as long as you don’t get absolutely trashed. Not a good look to have a hangover on your wedding day.

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