“I am a designer of emotion and want you to feel good in your skin…”

What is it you are most passionate about in terms of design?

I am most passionate about the link between people’s personality and their clothing and this is what I think about when creating my designs. I want to make people feel confident and reassured in their clothing. This desire to help others is what fuelled my love for the fashion industry and design. I want to introduce eccentric colours as I find that people are afraid to push the limits of the colours they style themselves in. Through my designs and previous experience with styling I hope to liberate peoples bodies, making the clothing an extension of them.

What is it that you want to translate to the people you design for? 

I have cutting edge and futuristic designs. I want to convey contemporary culture to my clientele. I want to break the rules and push the boundaries of style. So, in an essence, I want to show my clients how to do this, giving them visual representation through my work. I want my designs to be multi-faceted and transferable. I am so wild! I plan to design things such as rings that can be transformed into earrings or skirts that can be styled into tops – that kind of thing.